Connecting people, systems and data.
A truly disruptive innovation, ioCog provides an interactive platform, harnessing the power of an AI inference engine to put you in control of your business solutions.

  • Takes the time and tedium out of programming.
  • Provides vital decision making links for deep learning networks.
  • Enables you to connect information and data effortlessly.
  • Instantly access, verify and act on your analytics.
  • High performance rules engine for embedded applications.
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ioCog is the latest generation programming
language and is rapidly becoming the go to tool for
back office applications. Utilising an easy to learn
rules-based programming language and unique
approach to defining interfaces, ioCog effortlessly
translates your ideas into solutions.
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Deep Learning

Deep Learning turns Data into Information.
ioCog turns that Information into Action.

Deep Learning neural networks are the emerging
future, matching patterns of complex data, whether
they are images or massive data sets.
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Expert Systems

ioCog can be used to automate labour intensive tasks
that reply on human expertise, interfacing to existing
people and systems, speeding up the decision
making process by encapsulating the knowledge of
your expert staff into well defined rules and actions.

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Data Integration

With its extensive range of built-in interfaces coupled
with its powerful inference engine, ioCog is the
perfect tool for your data integration needs.

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Embedded Devices

ioCog is a lightweight, platform independent
solution that can be installed and run on low-cost
hardware, yet it provides a powerful rules based
inference engine that is capable of acting upon large
volumes of real-time data.

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Analytics turn Data into Information.
ioCog turns that Information into Action.

ioCog is able to partner with analytics tools to
automate actions based on identified trends.

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