Deep Learning

Deep Learning turns Data into Information.
ioCog turns that Information into Action.

Deep Learning neural networks
are the emerging future, matching patterns
of complex data, whether they are images or
massive data sets.

Obvious examples of its use might include:
  • A face has been recognised.
  • A patient has fallen out of bed.
  • Unusual transaction patterns have been identified across multiple, multi-agency data warehouses.
The next step?
  • Who should be notified?
  • How and when should they be notified?
  • What action should be taken?

ioCog provides the missing link
next step using its extensive range of interfaces,
rules based decision making and actions.

A true partner, ioCog enhances deep learning
solutions by interfacing effortlessly, "connecting the dots"
across multiple systems and databases to provide a
decision making process that leads to
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